Europe and Amsterdam

A short trip to Amsterdam was my first outing to this unique city. Having lived in capital cities, where bicycles are the ‘enemy’ rather than the norm, it was a refreshing change to find myself in a place where two wheels rule and cars take 3rd spot, after pedestrians.

Oddly enough this didn’t seem to slow the movement of traffic around the city centre at all. Anyone who has driven in rush hour knows it moves slower than a brisk walk. In Amsterdam’s ‘rush’ hour everything flows freely, 2 or 3 times faster than the car congested nightmare of London, for example.

The galley includes a few stray images from some locations around Europe as well, for a bit of variety. Enjoy!

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Unexpected success in the slop!

For the third race in the state series this year the club finally came back to one of our favourite venues in the pine forests at Wellington Mills, after a year’s break and a new-ish track. Not only that, it was the first race where we would get shuttled up the hill, instead of having to push our bikes up. All this combined for the highest attendance this year, with everyone excited to ride the new tracks.

What we didn’t look forward to was the torrential downpour on race day, making for some pretty miserable conditions, the kind that makes you question why you’re there in the first place..

Photo by Daventrish Blacker

Photo by Daventrish Blacker

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Perth Skyworks 2015

Another year and another fireworks show from the city of Perth. Sometimes it seems Perth transport would rather you stayed at home or in a pub and didn’t actually go to see the fireworks, but if one is prepared to do several kilometres of walking it can be a great experience.

Viewing from the south  of the river must be one of the best places to see a half hour fireworks show, with a great view of the rapidly growing Perth city skyline over the expanse of the Swan river bay.

Please enjoy!

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State downhill race #3 Nannup – Steep, Sloppy and Scary!

For the third state downhill round this year the club went back to the (in)famous Nannup downhill track. Reputed as Western Australia’s steepest and gnarliest downhill track. Had that not been enough, after a fairly damp Saturday practise promising a perfect track on sunday heavy rainfall during the night had everyone scrambling to put on mud tyres and a completely different track to the day before. A multitude of crashes, broken bones, spirits and bikes all came together for a brilliant weekend’s racing.


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Wedding Fever

I was asked by close friends to be the main photographer at their wedding last November. Although I’ve been developing my photography for over 10 years now I can’t say weddings or social events photography was ever my thing. Nevertheless I do enjoy challenges and pushing my comfort zone, but someone’s wedding isn’t always the ideal occasion to be trying out something completely new!


The only reason I agreed was because I knew the couple well and they didn’t have exacting and demanding expectations, they were just keen to have some half decent photos from their special day by someone who knows what they’re doing. Continue reading

State downhill race #2 Golden Grove – dashed hopes

For this year’s second race in the WA state downhill series the club rescheduled to race at Golden Grove at the same track as last year. This meant that for the first time since starting racing I would already be familiar with the track, leaving me concentrate on riding the same or similar lines, just faster; instead of learning a track from scratch.


Photo Courtesy of R. Zardins

After going well in practise, race day just wasn’t the same with bike problems and a few little mistakes making for two disappointing runs. Quite a few other racers had bad luck with one of the top guys having a big off, taking some time to be stretchered off the hill! Continue reading

2014 Downhill race season is here! (Video inside)


Photo courtesy of Momentum Photography

I often get surprised/impressed replies when I tell friends that I race downhill, as if there is some special skill requirement to take part. Whilst very kind to one’s ego the truth is that pretty much anyone can and does take part in the WA state downhill series. Regulars include 10 year old kids, rolling down the tracks on hardtail bikes to fast talented elite riders who compete for a top 10 spot at national level (and for Australia the national level is close to world class). Also this time we once again had the fortune of 5 time world champion Sam Hill racing over the weekend!

Everyone has their own goals, though. Last year, being my first season, mine was not to come last in the lower ‘Sport’ class, which I managed by quite some margin. Others may be aiming at winning their respective class or going for the overall win. Whatever their goals, everyone could call themselves a ‘racer’ and be totally correct!

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WA Gravity Enduro racing (video)

This year is shaping up to be very busy for mountain bikers who race in Western Australia with no less than 3 separate series covering the newly emerging ‘enduro’ racing format and classic downhill racing.

Stage 3. Photo by A. Marinova

Stage 3. Photo by A. Marinova

To kick off the season WA Gravity Enduro (WAGE) organised a 4 stage enduro race at the Goat Farm, just half an hour’s drive away from Perth’s CBD. Being WAGE’s second event ever they did a fairly good job of organising the event with the biggest problem coming in the form of of timing system issues, meaning the first stage times were not counted towards the overall time. Continue reading

Lake Giles Singletrack


Lake Giles Singletrack

As some readers may already know I have been working away at constructing a fully featured dedicated mountain bike track at the Lake Giles exploration site. Most of the planning and building took place from late 2012 to mid 2013 using nothing but hand tools and recycled rainwater.

Located in the Yilgarn bush in Western Australia, this is not your local track! The nearest paved road is some 120km away, the nearest major town a good 250km  away and Perth just shy of 700km from the trail. Isolated and wild would be the best way to describe the bushland here, but it also uniquely beautiful – this is no desert!

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Paris December trip

I have a long history with Paris, I’ve been there numerous times – in fact my very first memories of being somewhere abroad are from Paris.

Having said that the experience has always been a different one for me. Paris has changed a lot in the last 15 years, both for the better and the worse, in my opinion.

Notre Dame through a droplet


The benefit of having seen all the important monuments and sights before is that it allows me to do what I like most when behind a camera – getting my eye in and seeing things my way, beyond what all the postcards show.


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