Fritzlar, Han sur Lesse, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe (42 photos)

Coming back to Europe in spring this year turned out to be perfectly timed. The contrast of a hot dry scorching summer to some fresh weather, flower and tree blossoms and occasional sprinkling of rain is quite lovely.

After getting lucky with some snowy conditions in Bulgaria my trip moved over West, to Belgium with a couple of days in Holland and Germany.
Han sur Lesse and the Grottes de Han is a very nice place for family visits. The caves presented many photographic opportunities with the numerous lakes, expansive chambers and dramatic layout, but not a place for taking photos whilst on the guided tour! Memories of setting up photos in the Duhla cave came back, something I would definitely like to do again.


The small town of Fritzlar is a charming village in central Germany with a well preserved stone wall and exiting heritage buildings. A definite must see for a couple of hours if on a visit near Kassel.

Finally a few photos from the Unesco World Heritage site of Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe near Kassel. The place is certainly worth a day’s visit, with stunning views of the water cascades. There’s plenty of walking up the steep hill, but it’s all worth it.
See below for the full gallery of 42.


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