Karijini, Pilbara (30 photos)

Having missed out on the opportunity to visit Karijini national park in the Pilbara as a result of breaking some bones in 2014 it was great to get the opportunity to go again, albeit for just a couple of days.

The best way to go and see this remarkable area would be to grab one’s car, drive all the way and camp under the stars. And stars you will most certainly see.

The canyons and gorges here are very much the standout feature. Walking along the bottom of a narrow vertical gorge the surroundings are drastically different. Being shaded form the hot sun almost all day long the vegetation here is lush and green, with crystal clear water and a cool breeze running down the gorge – it’s a world unto its own and it’s just a 5 minute descent from the top.

Some of the harder to access gorges require some wading through water and some straightforward rock wall scaling, but nothing that anyone with moderate fitness would not be able to do. Things are different when travelling with a 2 year old and therefore our group had to settle for looking over the harder walks from a distance. There is, at least, plenty more to see on our next visit to the park.

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