Paris December trip

I have a long history with Paris, I’ve been there numerous times – in fact my very first memories of being somewhere abroad are from Paris.

Having said that the experience has always been a different one for me. Paris has changed a lot in the last 15 years, both for the better and the worse, in my opinion.

Notre Dame through a droplet


The benefit of having seen all the important monuments and sights before is that it allows me to do what I like most when behind a camera – getting my eye in and seeing things my way, beyond what all the postcards show.


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Golden Grove downhill race

Entering my second downhill race, part of the Western Australia state series, I had a chance to snap some shots after my race run!

We also had the privilege of racing against none other than Sam Hill who took advantage of a long break between the UCI Downhill World Cup calendar to race at home. Not many sports give the opportunity of novices such as myself to race against a 5 time world champion, reputed as the fastest rider ever by many.

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Lake Giles, Australia Thunder and Lightning

Finally a chance to shoot some REAL lightning, not flashing clouds 30km away!!
Very lucky to not be getting rained on, yet having great lightning close enough to really get a good chance at documenting it. Some trial and error eventually turned into several pretty lucky shots – how else can you aim the camera in pitch darkness!As a side note, several of these images are composites of a few exposures, which is fairly self evident. I haven’t been quite as selective of the uploaded images as usual, but I think it’s worth seeing the different ways the images can be layered.

Skyworks, 2013 Australia Day

Another year in Perth and I finally managed to catch the Australia day fireworks display in Perth. No two ways about it – this was the wrong spot to be in – the water mist from the river boats fogged up my lenses and made everything hazy, there were people everywhere and no way to avoid having them in the frame and large trees blocked the view more often than not. Eitherway it was a fun show with a few interesting new twists!

Kambalda underground mine geology visit

Short half day trip visiting a nearby underground Nickel mine near the village of Kambalda in the Goldfields. It takes a long time to get some tourists to go down there, but the wait is worth it!

Needless to say dark underground settings do not make an easy photographic experience, but there are endless opportunities for someone who isn’t running around trying to see everything.

The endless mazes of tunnels are full of extreme activity, yet 500 metres further down can look as if some planetary exploration program was abandoned 15 years ago.

Trans Europe roadtrip

Instead of flying to Brussels a quick 3 day trip through Europe proved to be a very nice alternative indeed! Going through Slovenia on day 1, visiting the Skocjanske jame, then Postojna on the second day, followed by a drive through the Leogang UCI world championships track for this year (missed riding by a few minutes).

Day 3 included a quick cable car/walking trip to Zugspitze followed by a no-so fast getaway back to Belgium through a 2 hour traffic jam in Luxembourg.

A year at Lake Giles, Australia

A year working at the Lake Giles Iron Ore exploration site has provided a lot of good memories, hard work and much learning.

Though many people think the operation is ‘way out in the bush’ this is no desert, steep hills and small mountain ranges combine with eucalyptus forests and dense shrub-rich creeks to make quite a special place to be working in.

Photographic oportunities are around every corner, but working from 5:30 till late evenings leaves little time for the imagination to prey on the land. Nevertheless I take every opportunity I have to document it!